Constant CSA mistakes

February 25, 2012

I have always paid maintenance for my 16 year old child, even when I was not working. Birthdays, Christmas, School Trips and School uniform have always been paid by me in addition to the maintenance. I estimate I have paid about £65k in maintenance which I do not mind as my daughter is my responsibility. Two years ago I told my ex wife that when my daughter was 16 I would be lowering the maintenance payments as she could now get a full time job but she objected to this as she was now used to the lifestyle of part time work.My ex wife works part time as a school dinner lady which allowed her to be at home for our daughter before and after school.When my daughter turned 16 she went to the CSA and they sided with her.

The CSA wrote to me in October saying they would sort out a schedule payment for me. They sent me a letter saying I had to pay a schedule of £198 for November thereafter £288. I set up a direct debit for the £288 which started in December 2012 for the 15th of each month. On the 28th Dec post xmas I checked my balance and was delighted that despite xmas I had a couple of hundred pounds more than I thought Id have. I went to the January sales and spent a bit on xmas gifts for next year.

On the 11th Jan I got a call from the CSA saying they had made a mistake and the DD had not worked. (MISTAKE 1) They asked if I could pay Dec and Jan by card. I was annoyed and explained that due to their error I had spent the money but I paid it anyway. I double checked with them that the balance was now cleared which they assured me it was.

On the 9th February I recieved another call from the CSA saying that I owed more money (£90) and that the January payment had been incorrect (MISTAKE NO 2). I asked how this could be and the guy was very ignorant saying I just owed the money and unless I paid they would take it directly out of my wages. He used it as a threat. I asked if he could send me a letter (so that I would know the exact situation) but he refused and said unless I paid now they would take the money out of my wages direct. I explained I was at work but he would not listen so I terminated the conversation because I did not want my workplace knowing my business.

I called back a week later to resolve this and was put back through to the guy who threatened me, Kenny. I asked if I could speak to someone else but he refused. I asked 8 times saying that we had not got on well the last time we spoke but he refused. He also told me that the CSA had sent the paperwork off to take money directly out of my account and had cancelled the DD which has taken 2 months to set up. I was devastated but was getting no where with this guy. Eventually he told me next week I could speak to his comrade Emma who might be able to sort everything out.

I spoke with Emma today who was very polite but said it was not £90 outstanding but £140 (MISTAKE 3). I asked if she could understand my frustration and she agreed but professionally sorted everything out. The bully Kenny however was a disgrace to a government office. How can a public servant refuse at least EIGHT TIMES to pass the call to someone else as a request from a customer. I am an educated man who as always paid for my child but he made me feel like a criminal.


  • Themush77 says:

    This seems to be an issue with the CSA i have been trying to pay since july 2011 and they have yet to set up a working direct debit. I was thwe same as you i though i had a few extra pounds than i thought didnt give it another thought because they wont contact you as soon as its not working they like to wait a few months then hit you with a big lump sum to pay and get threatening when you cant make that payment. They have now burried me in dept with there complete uslessness. I just can not understand how they opperate so poorly and dont accept any responsability other than a quick “we are very sorry”. Its nothing short of extortion. We are very sorry its all our fault but we want ALL the money now or we will take your passport, driving licence and 40% of your earnings even if you can not truely afford this much.

    Welcome to the law onto itself which is the CSA

  • John says:

    Don’t engage with this ‘flawed’, ‘not fit for purpose’ shambles’. Yes, children should be financially supported by parents, but not through this crap system!

    If you have problems go straight to your M.P. and if there are serious problems write to the minister in charge. Maria MIller!

  • Steve says:

    I too shared the same experience with the customer services end of the CSA. At one point another CSA “bully” called Melvin was calling my phone up to 20 times a day when i was working. They used various numbers and withheld numbers to get hold of me. When i did speak to him he said he didn’t care how many times he called me. I’ve never missed a payment nor have i lied in anyway to them. I have the devil for an ex wife who is after all she can get so i just get bullied and stalked by the CSA.
    My ex wife has now gone to court to reduce the time i have with my children so she gets more money. She will obviously win as all the judges are barely alive and always favour the mothers.
    The silly thing is i called the CSA 2 years ago to help as my ex kept asking for more money. It’s one of the worst things i ever did. Back then i was having my children 50% of the time and paying £250 per month. Now i can only see them every other weekend and paying over £600.
    When will somebody realise the CSA rules just give the mothers more power to hurt the fathers.

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