Complaining to the CSA does work eventually

April 23, 2011

I have been with the csa for over three years and it is the biggest farce ever.

You get the odd worker who actually does do the job asked of them but as for 48 hour call backs they may as well say 48 weeks! I now resort to sending Iian Duncan smith an e-mail at the department of work and pensions {address on website}. I’m then referred into the complaints team and they are fantastic, they take no shit from either parties and its usually resolved in a matter of weeks.

My best was the normal case worker I had was trying to resolve a problem fro me for 8months, no joy so I went it into the complaints team, job sorted 10days. If you respect the people in the complaints team they will do the job.

I was told this week by one employee of the csa what right do I have to ring every week for an update on whether my ex has come off benefits and got a job, which i believe is the case, as i’m not the only person they deal with. I have every right.


  • Jemma L says:

    So pleased to hear a success story, despite the fight you have had to put in. I, too, have been battling with the CSA for 4yrs. I eventually wrote to my local MP and my case has now been taken on by the Complaints team – so far so good. They have done more foot work in 2 weeks than I have seen them do in 4yrs. Still havent reached the ‘goal’, but I am praying we are very close to it now.
    Still, its an absolute disgrace that we have to go to such lengths to get the csa to actually DO something!

  • jules says:

    glad to hear you hopefully are making progress. I urge anyone who is not happy to either contact the DWP to complain or just fill in the form on the CSA website. I cannot count how many times I have been in the complaints team but they soon have the job sorted. We all have a right whether mother or father to a decent service, if this was a private business it would have been bankrupt a long time ago. Please everyone do not let it go on too long before you complain and they have a duty to resolve it.

  • laura says:

    I am glad to hear you got resolution there. I am now on my third complaint within the last 18 months. They were brilliant while my mp was writing them letters but as soon as the csa believed they were out of the picture back downhill it went. So back in has gone my mp and they are falling over themselves to help again. But how long before this wears off I wonder

  • jules says:

    Hi Laura. its a shame that the only way to get things resolved with the csa is if you complain. i must say the complaints team do a fantastic job and unfortunately take all the crap. this organisation should have been sorted a long time ago. I in the meantime am still receiving my regular £5 a week!! Whoopee. while my ex is planning a big wedding for next year. with what money you may ask? Good luck and keep ringing them. I used to ring every other day, it does finally work you just get on yhere nerves.

  • Valerie Barrell says:

    I had twins in the 1980’s, their father was detained at HMP for fourteen months and on release phoned to say he would never pay me a penny for them!
    During the course of the next ten years he was always Self Emplyed and then on long term sickness benefit. I have never had a bean
    I did ask what would happen should he inherit his elderly mother’s bungalow and therefore also have some capital but was told there was no hope of me making a claim from him , the boys are now 27!

  • Mum says:

    We do we pay back her benefits if we have paid cm !??

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