Come on CSA, we all know it doesn’t take 18 days to clear and send money

April 14, 2013

every month i have a problem receiving my money from the c.s.a, they received the money from my x wife’s employer on the 16th of February, on the 19th i rang to see if they had received the money, no i was told they had checked all the different places it could have gone to?????? and they had not received it.

There’s nothing they can do until the 19th. But today is the 19th i explained. yes they said but we can only check the different places it can go today which i have need to ring back after the i rang back on the 26th, i’m now told yes i have found your payment, it has been cleared by our bank and it takes five working days to reach your bank. So that now makes it the 4th of march. 32 days after i should have received it!!!! The 4th of march, i go to my bank and nooooo payment!!! i ring the CSA again and am now told it will take yet a further 5 days to reach my bank!!! making it now a staggering 37 days!!! and now also febuary’s payment will be due!!

every month i have a very similar problem!! come on CSAwe all know it does not take 18 days to clear and send the money! HELP HELP!!


  • wilf says:

    Peter:- Get the PWC to pay you directly.
    Keep the case open in case of problems receiving payments in the future.

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