Cold and callous – I don’t want the CSA involved

January 9, 2014

My ex wife, after 5 and a half years is still very bitter about our split and will not let me see my daughter despite a court order that allows me access of my daughter every 2 weeks, I cannot afford to take her back to court due to her contempt as I’m still paying off the 10 grand it cost me the last time due to her being so awqward about stupid little things.

She still wants to punish me and doesn’t care about the consequences of her actions on my little girl, we simply split up and she simply can’t move on. I contacted her again last week about contact and what clothes and shoe size my little girl is so to buy her some stuff but she won’t let me have the details and simply said she will be contacting the csa as she says she knows I’m working again. I am actually working again and have been for 6 weeks following a long unemployent period. I know have the csa ringing me and leaving messages to contact them.

I’m now in a quandary as I aren’t allowed to see my little girl even to a point that I’m now told that my little girl doesn’t even want me to see her perform at her nativity play but that’s from my ex and I don’t want the csa involved as it’s so cold and callous and their attitude is shocking, my ex won’t do anything but try and hurt me till the end of time it seems so I’m stuck. I have ben paid twice from work now and because I haven’t worked I haven’t paid tax yet on my wages but I am worried that they will take more than they should if they take the standard 15% and then when I start payng tax I pay them too much as it will still be at the rate without tax and they won’t alter it.


  • CSA warrior says:

    I cant really say much about the CSA other than they remain the most incompetant government body ever.

    Unfortunately your situation is not unique which is why I can help.

    if you look at sally armstrongs link it will help.

    What you need to obtain is a contact order. if you cant afford a solicitor you can reprsent yourself . if you go to the local county court they can issue you the correct forms there will be a fee but it is likely to be substantially less than a solicitors. + you will knw your own case better than any solicitor. u can get a law book Nutshells family law costs a tenner have a read and arm up. even if you represent yourself the order will be the same as a solicitor would get.

    she is not in contempt of the order if you allow it

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