Co-Parenting After Divorce

June 21, 2012

After a divorce involving children, even the most well-intentioned former spouses can run into trouble when it comes to co-parenting. With the welfare of the children paramount, learning to co-parent successfully after divorce is vital.

Some of the most common battlegrounds for co-parenting disputes involve time and money. Right from the start of the new arrangements, both parents should agree on some ground rules, and share documents such as a visits and care schedule and a spreadsheet for tracking expenses. If a “business-like” approach to raising their children together is adopted after divorce, emotions can be kept out of the arrangements and saved for where they are really needed – letting the children know they are loved and wanted.

Communication is vital – do not led decisions be made on the basis of assuming you know what your ex is thinking, or use children as a conduit for communication with your ex-spouse to avoid doing so face to face, as that’s a ton of unfair pressure to place on a child’s shoulders. Ultimately, whatever the nature of the divorce, all such arrangements should abide by one golden rule – doing what’s best for the children.


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