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CMS upped my payment because of a pension

I have been paying my CSA for years and always will but now I need some help. Now the new CMS has taken over I tried to pay my ex wife direct with the same payment as before but she was having none off it and contact the CMS.ok they sent me a letter telling me my new payment bearing in mind I was paying £192 a month it shot up to £285 because last year I forgot I had cash in on a old pension plan which gave me about 7 k in total and CMS think this is what I earn all the time and has worked out my new payments. They will not listen to me and I tell them it will put me on the streets because I can’t make these payments and will not look at it because off some rule about 25% differents,I thought your pension payment was safe is this not the case? Help.

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  1. I received the exact same crap from them when i told them that my wages were different. So i said, ‘Ok, i’ll ask my boss to give me a pay-cut then’ He responded by saying he’ll need 5 weeks worth of payslips. I’ve been paying taxes since i was 16, i might quit my job and have some of it back! I’ll be on the streets if i have to pay the amount they’re asking, so why should i sacrifice everything to pay it? I’ll quit my job and my greedy ex won’t get a penny.

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