CMS took money for someone else’s child after mother randomly listed me as the father

February 16, 2018

In March 2015 a child maintenance claim was made against me. A woman I don’t know named me on her application as the parent of a their child. I disputed parentage straight away but the Child Maintenance Service (CMS formerly CSA) ignored my letters and refused to help me carry out a DNA test. They continued pursuing me and have since taken £4000 of my money and forced me to pay maintenance for some elses child with a detachment of earnings order (DEO).

• The CMS assumed parentage despite me telling them there is no way I could be the father • I was never named on birth certificate, never been married and have never had any children • My case could have been resolved within weeks but has now lasted over two and half years • Without permission, the CMS took my personal details from my employer and HMRC • CMS sent me threatening letters to take me to prison and remove my driving licence • They enforced an order to collect £212 per month which I could not challenge or contest • During this time I was unable to afford their payments and have since suffered ill health • A DNA test in May 2017 finally proved 100% that I am not the father • However – the CMS have continued ignoring me and my demands for a full explanation • They have also refused to return any of the charges they took from me even with my MPs help.

I have recently setup a crowdfunding campaign against unfair treatment by public organisations such as the Child Maintenance Service.


  • Derek Miller says:

    They are complete scum, keep at them. email [email protected] who’s the big fish and demand he resolve your issue’s,

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