CMS not giving me proof of daughter’s education

December 22, 2020

I have been paying for my daughter for over a year then told the cms she was no longer in education. Thay investigated it after a farder 6 months got a letter saying I didn’t need to pay from sep 2019 so stopped payment in June 2020. A week after the payment was due I got another letter saying a new case was started when got in touch with them thay said that she admitted she did not attend education the year before and was making the claim but as soon as the payment stopped shes suddenly back in education?

I tried contacting the local college whair she was ment to be at only to get told due to covet all college were closed and no new students were being invited to attend or enrolled I even got someone to try enrolle only to be told to try again next term. Iv even contact the child benefit Freud team after mouth of complaint from me I have to pay even though iv 2 grown up kids in the same town who sees her every day at different times ect and know shes dose not go to any form of education.

I am also wateing on the cms phoning me to claim back over 3k from the over payment thay got of me and have been told if it turns out to be the same as before that I can claim it back from them which is a joke thay only believe what thay want and no matter how much you tell them or home meny documents you send thay wont do a thing about it iv asked for proof of her education but it invades her privacy what about my life and helth ?


  • Mad Jim says:

    Hi. Report this to the police
    This is fraud under the fraud act. CID will investigate it

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