CMS keeps upping maintenance payments

December 21, 2018

My wife filed for divorce a couple of times and finally the Decree Nisi was completed in 2017.

As a financial settlement she was awarded the FMH and one buy to let for which she paid me approx. £12500 I look on all the mortgages on the but to lets some of which were on joint names and I bought one buy to let from the redundancy money with the mortgage on her sole name as I was not working at the time the property portfolio has very little equity in it but it provides me with a approx. £15000 income.

I was a systems engineer in IT for many years but was made redundant and had difficulty finding suitable employment I then started work as a RAMP agent at LHR and earn a very modest salary of approx. £1500 PCM I work shifts and would look after the kids on my days off but then she started to spend money on the house and bad the boys comfortable at the FMH I live with my elderly mother as I cant get a mortgage to get myself any suitable place that I could afford I have been paying regular child maintenance but every couple of month my child maintenance keeps increasing and now I have received a TXT from CMS that I would have to pay nearly £700 PCM.

I am really struggling with this as I have to re arrange all the buy to let mortgages etc.

can CMS do this I have not even submitted my accounts for 2017 2018 as I had a few months void period.

I really would like some help as I have lost contact with my kids except when I take the young on football every weekend but not seen my elder son for over four months I have no say in the kids education etc.



  • David Joseph says:

    Hi Iqbal

    The CMS can do pretty much what they want unless rigorously challenged.

    The child maintenance you are liable to pay is 12 percent of gross income for 1 child, 16 percent for two etc. If what you are paying exceeds this, you must challenge it. The CMS usually use your previous years’ income to calculate liability but you can challenge this also if your current income is lower.

    I can get you set things straight with the CMS – drop me a line at [email protected]


  • Robert Camacho says:

    I not saying nothing about legal recourse.
    However, I personally feel the the NJCS agency has don’t noting to improve the lives of a generation of kids that have lost contact of theiir fathers because the manner in which a man trying to pay child support is treated. If and when the man will find his soulmate he will have two households to support and their current relationship and that family is like slapping invisible cuffs on a man. Rather than assist them to gain access and a fair payment manner. Fair enough for both families will make for all around healthy families

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