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CMS decide to up my payments after incorrect calculations

My CMS hell is the same as all the others, I paid regularly for my son but when a new partner turned up with my ex so did the CMS.

To make life simple I agreed and paid the payments with no objections, but this year as it seems I am an easy target for CMS they have calculated a 16%+ increase due to a company car being included with my work.

I cannot get it through to them that this is not money in my hand if anything it is a decrease due to tax, my P60 is not acceptable as proof of earnings nor are payslips, I have even contacted the TAX office and they have said the calculation should be on earnings not benefit in kind allowances (BIK).

This year everything has gone up except wages and as a final kick in the teeth I have to give a 16% + pay rise to a benefits scrounger.

When I have challenged the CMS all I get is MP’s have agreed it take it up with them.

We should all get together publicly as a group petition parliament and let the MP’s know they will loose votes it has worked for other organisations it is the only thing they understand or try human rights something has to be done.

One thought on “CMS decide to up my payments after incorrect calculations

  1. Hi Paul

    Do not fall for the CMS’s lies. They simply should take a percentage from your gross income depending on the number of children involved. They should not be increasing your liability due to a company. What a lot of nonsense.

    They are continually trying to find ways of squeezing more and more money from innocent fathers. If you have the time and inclination, you must fight this or have someone like myself do it for you. You can reach me by leaving a message through or [email protected]


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