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CMS are so slow at pursuing my cases

I have 2 cases with csa one for my oldest child- this case is a arrears only case now as she’s over the age of receiving support- that case has been ongoing for 16 years, csa have lost the first 7 years of that case totally. My case has then spent a lot of time stuck- I’m not really sure how that happens. The nrp has changed between jobs and benefits making him more difficult to pin down but the gaps in trying are laughable, he was once assessed to pay default payments of £30 pw it took the csa a year to tell me or the nrp about this assessment! The csa obtained a liability order almost 6 years ago and to this day have done nothing with it. My case with csa ended august 2010 my arrears finally made it to cms February 2017.

My second case is for 3 children and was opened 7 years ago again I’ve not received any payments on this case apart from when the nrp has been in receipt of benefits. one of the times he ended his claim for benefits he was assessed to pay the default amount of £50 pw as he was non complient arrears accumulated over a 9 month period (no enforcement action was taken) he went back onto benefits and had £5 pw deductions for the few months following. Ended his claim for benefits, didn’t respond to phone calls or letters and so the csa concluded he had no income and put a nil award in place from 2013-2015 when that case was closed- I don’t believe they have done any reassessments. I don’t understand how a nil award can be put in place the csa have never managed to speak to him so he’s not provided any proof (I however sent photos of his Facebook business page) and my new cms case has used his 2015 tax return to access he should pay £73 pw. The arrears from the closed csa case have still not been transferred 2 years later. No enforcement action has been taken on this case no liability orders ect. The cms have admitted that between 2015-2017 nothing has been done to collect the arrears of either case.

I’m currently on stage 2 of the complaints process but don’t seem to be getting very far.

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