Claiming CSA when child not living with him

December 19, 2010

My daughter was living with her father until the beginning of February this year. She then went to live with my sister who supported her. I informed CSA of the change. It is now August and after several heated phone calls they continue to take payments from my wage and pay him the money. My daughter is no longer living with him is this not fraud?!! He tells the CSA she is still with him and hassles them for money, they in turn hassle my employer. My sister has also informed the CSA that she is caring for my daughter.


  • Lee Hughes says:

    Who is getting the Child Benefit? Get your sister to claim it if he is still getting it!

  • Garry Roe says:

    Get in touch with I.C.E. asap , also write to Iain Ducan Smith c/o the DWP , Caxton house , Tothill street , LONDON , SW1H 9DA and demand a reply from him and tell him NOT to forward your complaint to the CSA because thats what he usually does .. going thru I.C.E. is a ball ache but please stick with it .

  • Lisa Hunter says:

    Garrys right be mindful of the fact that ICE has a backlog of atleast 9mths you're MP maybe able to shivvy this along but don't hold your breath

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