Children go to live with father, now CSA say we owe HIM money!

December 3, 2009

‘One rule for one and a completely different rule for somebody else.’

I met my beautiful wife seven years ago. She had two children by a previous relationship and had been the victim of a rather brutal ex husband who she finally divorced after years of violent abuse. Shortly after we married her husband decided he wasn’t going to pay any maintenance to his children and for six years he refused to pay a penny and left me to pay for his children, which I did without thought.

This year both his children decided that they wanted to live with him, things were more exciting where their father lived and he would buy them whatever they wished.

Within two months we had a letter from the CSA stating that he had made an application for child maintenance. My wife phoned the CSA and explained that she is currently a student on a small bursary and that apart from some occasional weekend work we have absolutely no other income. I was injured in an accident at work last year so you can imagine we have very little money to pay our mortgage and fuel bills let alone pay for food.

She also complained that he still owed my her thousands in unpaid maintenance, a situation that has been agreed by the CSA, and what did they intend to do about that? But according to the CSA this is a different issue because that belongs within the domains of the old CSA and while that gets sorted out ( 6 years of sorting out so far) we still have to pay maintenance and pay up immediately.

Would somebody please tell me where is the logic of forcing people into abject poverty and homelessness. This month we have to make the decision which is the more important heating, food or the mortgage because we can only afford one of them.

Next month we have to work out how to find £40.00 a week extra.

Thank you for reading.