Child support? What about the children I have to support?

January 22, 2014

Hello this is how my story 2005 I had a one night stand with a girl I knew who fed me the same story that usually occurs with some ladies.” I can’t have kids” yes it is my fault being young and dumb I believed this..went out clubbing and got drunk had the one night stand.. 7 years later I get married to my wife, 2 months into it I get a call the day before Xmas from the girls sister saying I need to do a DNA test as I may be the father. I was shocked as I have seen this girl a few times over the years and nothing had been said until she found out I got married then she decides to come out with this hoping my wife would leave me..but she didn’t ( thanks be to god).

I then did a DNA test coz my wife wanted to know..I till this day have never seen a result but her sister told me i was the father..2 weeks later I get a csa letter through the door saying I need to this girl never actually wanted a father figure for her daughter she just wanted paying..fair enough I have no choice..I’ve been paying for more than two years now but lost my job. I told csa this and they were fine ok they said just call us when your back working..two days later I get a letter saying I still have to pay something as I get tax credits for my two kids.but this money that tax credits give to my kids I have never seen as it’s what the kids live off for food, me and my wife don’t have great paying jobs what we get paid goes on rent and bills things we had way before this csa business..but csa says this ain’t there problem we want our money..I have no income until I can get back into work but yet they still want me to pay..I have said soon as I’m back to work I have no problem paying them again but don’t think your the only ones that lose out I still have to pay bills mobile phones credit card..which I know ain’t there problem but a little understanding wouldn’t go a miss

They call thereselves child support bit what about the kids I’ve got, what they’ve got to now lose out on food and clothes just so one person can get paid..she managed to survive 7 years without payment I’m sure she can survive a couple of months till I can find a job that pays out enough for everyone to be happy..morale of the story don’t have sex with anyone unless u plan on staying with them for the rest of your life..which is basically the answers I get from these #*^%#..I understand it takes two to tango but I also know that it takes two to decide if u want a child don’t take a contract out unless both party’s agree to I’m not trying to compare a child to a contract but I’m just so angry..I can never be called a dead beat dad as I have two kids that I’ve been there everyday of their life’s if this other girl had told me about this child from the start there would be no problem..but the only reason this has all come out is coz I’m happy with my family which she doesn’t like…thanks for your time


  • jo says:

    I’m shocked that you didn’t receive a letter yourself seeing as you supplied your dna? You need to see this letter proving you are….because you have accepted parentage via the csa only option now is applying through the court for another dna if csa will not budge.

  • Gonk says:

    @ mark….your comment “ this girl never actually wanted a father figure for her daughter she just wanted paying..fair enough ” why’s this fair enough? This is what pisses me off with these women and the CSA.
    This is why I get so angry, far too many of these women use the kids as just a means of getting an income. The kids are the cash cows and the fathers are the ATM machines and the CSA and government can’t see this even if it came up and bit them on the arse.

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