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February 8, 2010

I had been fighting a battle against the CSA from the day it was started it got to the stage where they had passed my details to the bailiffs this wasnt through my lack of time and effort trying to resolve my case in the end I found a company called Child Support Solutions (CSS) based in the Birmingham area.

I visited the CSS offices with all the paperwork I had and met with 1 of the employees after an initial 1 hour meeting I was informed that CSS would take my case which was pretty routine and fight the CSA on my behalf this would cost me £100 a month for their services but they were confident all my debts would be written off, I was self employed at the time and couldnt afford £100 a month but got my parents to pay it for me as they were aware of the problems I had with the CSA, the £100 would cover all letters phonecalls and court appearances if need be and I was advised not to contact the CSA or pay them and I signed a form allowing CSS to deal on my behalf with the CSA.

I was with CSS for over 2 years paying them in excess of £2000 in that time, during this period I recieved approximatly 6 letters from the CSS sent to the CSA on my behalf as my debt was getting larger with the CSA I tried to get CSS to bring it to some sort of satisfactory end because I couldnt afford to keep asking my parents for their services, so after 2 years of CSS looking after my case they informed me the CSA were being awkward and wouldnt accept I was self employed and CSS wasnt sure they could get my debt looked at and I would have to speak to the CSA myself.

I rang the CSA and after a 20 minute call they had written off my debt, reassessed me on a nil balance and even rang my mum to appologise for the phone calls they had made to her looking for me.

So after paying Child Support Solutions over £2000 to get no further forward than when I first approached them and then sorting my problems out myself they now reckon I still owe them £400 and have set bailiffs on me.

I am no supporter of the CSA and have had all the problems people have had with them I just think people should be aware that there are companies out there who are aware of the problems the CSA cause us and are quick enough to exploit this leaving people in even more debt than before.


  • chall says:

    Hi Charles,

    Did the agency send a £400 debt to court to obtain a Liability Order OR was the LO granted prior to the corrections on your case?

    We hear so many cases similar to yours 🙁
    Its a shame when individuals who are having difficulties with the agency are encouraged by / feel there is no where else to turn other than companies/groups/associations that charge and encounter further expense. Which is why was created – no charges/fees or contributions – parents, helping parents.

    Some cases are simply recited by pointing out legislation and high lighting errors. Others are more difficult, but once pointed in the right direction, parents can gain satisfactory resolution. Obviously there is also the other extreme, which appeals, tribunals, ICE & the PO are there to deal with.

    Well done for getting your own case in a better position.

  • Bob Pape says:

    I am Bob Pape, a director of Child Support Solutions. I am a Legal Executive and regulated by the Institute of Legal Executives.

    I founded the business in 1997 as I had for some time been well recognised within the local profession for my specialisation in this area. My company has acted for over 5000 individuals and advised many thousands more. We have a very strong reputation based on professional advice and thoughtful handling of cases. We now have a nationwide reputation with an international clientele and are recommended by clients, solicitors, baristers and even the Judiciary. No other specialist child support company in the UK has our breadth or reach.

    I have carefully checked all our client records and we do not have, nor have ever acted upon the behalf of a Charles Graham, but would urge the writer of this post to contact me on 08456 588683 so I can establish his identity, try again to locate his casepapers and verify his story. If correct this would represent a terrible dereliction. Make no mistake, nobody is prefect and I have made errors in my 27 years within the profession, none major, but errors all the same. I believe in confronting all my errors, admitting them and making good. I will do so for this man, if the outcome is as he suggests, and, if, of course the business he is talking about is really Child Support Solutions, for unfortunately we have been the victim of copycat businesses whose owners are unqualified and unaccountable…

    I know businesses that charges for representation are frowned upon, but for me this is a full time job, and like everyone else, I, and my many staff (CSA work is very time-limited, a major cause of CSA injustices, I have very large support staff as a result) have to live. Alas, there is no “legal aid” for CSA matters so the company couldn’t exist if it didn’t charge and without this company thousands of CSA injustices would have persisted, for the CSA is almost pathologically resistant to accepting responsibility for its numerous inadequacies, and some pretty outrageous practices. Make no mistake, I make a living but I don’t make a fortune from this, I could make a much more profitable living doing ordinary divorces, but continue this practice in the belief that someone has to stand up against an overwhelming state, upon the behalf of individuals.

  • graeme says:

    I have had dealings with CSS before and I found them to be extremely helpful with my situation at the time.

    I dealt with a gentleman called Mike Lightfoot and he answered all my questions thoroughly, respectfully and without hinderence.

    Ok so we have to pay for these companies, but in the end we need proper advice from professionals who have the experience in dealing with this monstrosity of an agency. I believe CSS is one of these companies.


  • Tracy says:

    I had help from Mike Lightfoot but his number is no longer working, he did give me valuable advice and I would like to get back in touch with him to let him know whats going on now if anyone can help i would be greatfull

  • graeme says:

    Hi Tracy

    Why dont you contact Child Support Solutions directly? That would be the easiest option for you.


  • Mike Lightfoot has shut up shop. Not sure of the reasons behind this but all attempts to contact him will meet with dead ends. Sorry!

    NACSA is an organisation that helps people with CSA problems, and we offer services that can help clients with CSA related matters – so do take a look at our website But I would take the opportunity to state that Bob Pape is a very knowledgable person in CS law, and his company is well respected in the field. If there are services our organisation cannot offer – Bob Pape/CSS is on our recommendation lists.

    Child Support Legislation is complex, and harsh, so if you experience problems with CSA – its crucial you get good and accurate advice. Not all solicitors are versed in CS law, but will happily take your money in the belief that they can help. Dont assume a Family Law solicitor will know CS law!

  • Greg says:

    Mike runs a firm called Durham Legal Services and I have dealt with him. He is a great guy and extremely helpful. He is not the same as Child Support Solutions which is a firm based in Birmingham, who I would avoid after having personal experience with them. See for Mike. Hope this will help!

  • Michele Maffin says:

    Much as you may not appreciate my saying so… i do remember this client although he was not a client of Mr Pape directly but rather his co-director who I must say acted in an autonomous fashion and outside of the remit and business practices of Mr Pape. ( Bob, you know to whom I refer). Having worked for the company I can catagorically state that Mr Pape conducted his case files in a courteous and professional manner and I am sure that if you approach him in the same fashion he will investigate your allegations most thoroughly. It may seem unbelievable that someone was allowed to operation without the auspices of Mr Pape but due to the spurious and covert practices of the person in question – frankly, it did happen. In summary. please do not judge the company and Mr Pape on the practices of one employee who no longer has any connection to the company

  • DB says:

    Just a follow up to this thread. I saw Bob Pape yesterday at his office for an initial consultation. turns out at this stage things are not what they seemed with the CSA. The thing for me was I knew NOTHING about what was about to happen my case was different as I have my Son majority of the time and certain other factors. I could not find anyone at all to give me the info of what exactly is going to happen and Bob Pape did this for me with very good info and professionalism. i actually liked him as a person also which helped. he answered all my questions and however it may pan out at least i went away knowing what was going on what and what not my Ex can do and cannot do. This made me sleep well for the first time since the letter first arrived. Bob also predicated what will happen moving forward and also gave advise about how to handle this. he did not try and get extra cash out of me and sign me up there and then he said lets wait for the outcome of the next correspondence and see where we go from there you may need me you may not. I actually discussed this thread with him and the fact as he stated above he could make more money elsewhere and he did seem very passionate about how the CSA work and the fact he can help people from may I add both sides of the coin. The question simply is do you want to know the score moving forward then have an initial consultation. I am in no way affiliated with Bob nor have any other reason to applaud his service other than genuinely applauding it for what he did for me. I contacted several other solicitors which I had no joy at all with . Most just said we don’t even bother anymore. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in the initial stages or indeed over the barrel from the CSA>

  • skippydo says:

    Please may spread the word and please let’s try setup a REAL COLLECTIVE RESPONSE to this mess.

    A protest March for fairness! on FEB 1ST 2014 @ 10 DOWNING ST and DWP Head office.

    Who’s in?

  • Marcus Cassidy says:

    Unfortunately Bob Pape passed away on 20th September 2020. He was an expert in his field and I am sure the CMS will stop shaking in their boots now. I place this in respect to his name and the work he has done over the years to help people. Rest in peace Bob.

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