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Child support is unfair and always favours the mother

I have had no problems paying my child support according to my income, but recently my income has reduced dramitcally due to the finacial crisis (i work for myself), but recently CSA has increased my child support payments based on an estimate, (and into the next financial year!) so much so that i cannot afford to pay. Additionally the assement process is so confusing, they are making claims of parenting percentage for one of my children as 0% BEFORE i was separated ??? I was even “threatened” that my child support payments would be more if i did not aggree with the current assessment ???

We are all being painted with the same “dead beat dads” brush.

I have had enough !

I will be contacting the ombudsman to have my situation reviewed

2 thoughts on “Child support is unfair and always favours the mother

  1. Do not lie down and be trampled upon by these incompetent people.

    Persistently complain in a constructive manner. You have the right to express your opinion by freedom of speech.

    You have Human rights and Civil Liberties. Where you can, use them!

    Too many people role over and put up with this ‘not fit for purpose’, ‘shambles’!

    I have written again today, to Cameron, Clegg, Duncan Smith and the CSA!

    My grandfather, Father and other family members fought in two world wars to give me and my family a better life, and now I am being treated like scum in my country! it is a National scandal!

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