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Child Support Agency used as revenge by bitter ex

I was removed from my home and children by way of a false allegation that I was never charged with.

Despite paying all the home bills initially for a home I was excluded and resided in by my ex wife’s boyfriend the ex wife still got CSA on to me who initially wanted £920 per month.

The ex claimed benefits and legal aid she was not entitled too, had free school dinners and yet I am expected to pay £900 a month for children I probably will never see again and who have been used as tools and weapons.

5 thoughts on “Child Support Agency used as revenge by bitter ex

  1. I understand where you are coming from. My bitter ex kidnapped two children and abandoned the other on me, all to suit herself and her needs (its’ all about meeeee-attitude- Errrr. Don’ t think so)

    She has broke court orders defying judges (nothing is done sbout it). She deliberately over claimed tax credits (and got caught. Ho! Ho!)

    I have provided and want to provide for the children, even after they are out of the system, but because of the disgraceful way that I have been treated by the CSA and the family courts, that will not be happening!

    Well done the CSA. Well done the bitter ex and Well done the failed family court system!

    I wasn’t put on this planet to take crap from any of these people!

  2. It all sounds so familiar. And even if you get residence of your children they still won’t leave you alone. The CSA that is!

    And do check, does she actually receive the money the CSA is taking from you?

    Come join us on CsaHellHelp on Facebook.

  3. Sounds like another ‘want it all’ woman.
    Your children…your home..your money.
    And the CSA supports this behaviour.

  4. Believe me she does get the money. My partner has been through hell with his ex wife since I have been with hm. They forced the sale of his house to pay a so called debt of £29,000 and YES she got the money within no time. She booked trip to Jamaica, parities etc so believe me they (bitter twisted ex wifes) get the money.

    It was only since I have been in his life that she went hell loose. Imagine she wanted me checked out i.e. my property, assets ect. I had all these before I met my partner and worked dam hard for them on my own without MONEY FROM ANY MAN.

    She gets awarded £29,000 and has a Son serving time in prison (from a previous relationship) for murder and we are paying taxes for him to be kept in comfort while she scams money from my partner.

    My partner is the most wonderful man, she had the affairs and he left. No justice!

  5. Always sounds the same story! my ex partners kiddie relationship from when he was 16 is ruining his life. His ex has been forging his documents with csa since 2004, she stated they got back together when they were 19, had the documents sent to her house, my partner allegedly filled out, and she signed all relevant paperwork on his behalf to keep her case open, told the csa how much she liked to think he was earning, closed the case, reopened a month later stating they had split and voila, hes the father. he didnt get a letter from csa till 2010 stating he owed 17,000 for a child he knew nothing of. we asked for his data protection act prints all the forgeys have been blacked out, by the csa. took her to court for a paternity test as she was non compliant to do one, and we have just found out she swapped his sample with that of the correct father, court approved. its taken us a year to prove he is not the father after the test was done. not his consent form, his signature or picture from the time of sampling, and whilst we have been trying to prove this f**king hard situation, she has been laughing at us. makes me sick, she is a bunny boiler to the highest order, and at the moment shes getting away with it, although hopefully not for to much longer. Advice to anyone out there NEVER do your sample court approved at your ex partners surgery, probably one of the hardest things to prove if it goes wrong, and no one will help!!

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