Child Support Agency staff treated me like scum

December 25, 2011

I was sent a document from the CSA regarding my son, this document was completed with all the relevant details. With no communication or letter I had £600 removed from my wages via a court order leaving me to not afford to pay for all the basic necessaties for my three children. When I contacted the CSA they stated I failed security questions and slammed down the phone. They were very rude unsupportive and unable to address any of the issues.

They did however speak to my current partner who had no security based question knowledge. When I took hold of the call they still could not give me an explanation and refused to comply with any requests. They also denied ever recieving a completed form. I was treated with total disrespect as they made assumptions I was not caring for my child.

I am not surprised that due to the attitudes without any factual information that people take their own lives. I have read recent documents about fathers who have had poor experiences however I am a mother who is having similar experiences with the CSA. I feel that the CSA should be an organisation that is scrapped by the government and a new system in place.


  • joanne says:

    Email them and always send recorded letters, never talked to them on the phone, it costs you money and gets you no where. Write a letter of complaint and how rude you have found the agency. This is how they talk to most nrps, you wonder why so many are unhappy at this dreaded agency. Good luck and you’re not alone.

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