Child Support Agency is useless

September 11, 2011

My partner has always paid child support for his son since him and his ex split 4 years ago. in Feb of this year my partner changed jobs and immediately phoned the CSA to inform them of his new employment and changes in his income etc. This was back on the 17th Feb 2011. Anyway the CSA stopped the payments we were making whilst they reassessed his claim and said we would receive a letter from them within 5 working days with new payment info and then we would start paying again. 2 weeks latter still not heard anything…. we phone them up and the incompetent idiots had never processed the claim!!! so we go thru it all again. we asked if we could make a payment via direct debit/ over the phone so we didnt fall into arrears but were told no!

Approx 3 weeks after the 2nd call we received a letter from them saying that whilst we were on benefits we didnt have to pay (NEWS TO US AS WE WERE NOT AND NEVER HAVE BEEN ON BENEFITS) And also that we had over paid the previous year………… we phoned them again and they had processed the claim wrong! GRRRRRRRRRRR anyway all this happend back in Feb. We are now in September!!!!!!!

They have still not processed the claim regardless of the fact my partner has been phoneing them 2/3 times a week since Feb!! They wont let us make a payment over the phone to clear or keep on top of any arrears (By now we owe approx £700) and to top it all of my partner is currently going thru a court battle with his ex as she moved and has not informed us of her new address (The CSA know her address so this is not the cause of the hold up) This whole situation looks really bad for my partner in court as it basicly says he is not paying child support all because the CSA are a bunch of mindless inompetent idiots who dont know there arse from their elbows!!!!!

The are awful! Getting involved with them has been the biggest mistake of our life as my partners ex is also bad mouthing him off to anyone who will listen to her basicly saying he doesnt want to support his son………. if only the dozy cow knew!!! CSA you have caused us an endless amount of shit! Screw u!!!!!!11


  • Vic says:

    Be careful as this is a tactic of the the CSA to deliberately place you in arrears, once you are in arrears they can take 40% of your earnings through an administrative (no need to go to court) Deduction of Earnings Order (DEO). This is there preferred collection method for people in employment and arrears, even invented arrears, allow this draconian collection method. This is the route they are trying to take you down. Start paying the ex immediately the arrears plus more than the CSA voluntary calculator ( Plus £1) and keep meticulous records of the payments to the ex WHICH MUST BE SIGNED FOR BY THE EX SO MAKE THE PAYMENTS IN PERSON AND IN CASH AND STATE THIS ON THE RECEIPT ABOVE WHERE THEY SIGN. With greedy unethical ex’s cash speaks volumes and they will comply to get it, and it is the only evidence of payment that the louts at the CSA will accept.

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