Child Support Agency criticised by ombudsman over mistake

February 7, 2011

The Child Support Agency has been criticised, along with HM Revenue and Customs and the Department for Work and Pensions, after a woman’s personal information was accidently given to her former partner, it has been revealed by ombudsman Ann Abraham.

The error was caused when the organisations passed the woman’s information between each another after she attempted to make sure her information was correct when her records had been found to incorrectly say she was living with her former partner (when, in fact, she had never lived there). The end result was that the woman’s child support payments were wrongly reduced.

The three agencies passed the blame between each another, with none taking responsibility for the error. Understandably, the situation was very distressing for the woman.

After a report had been published on the matter, it was recommended that the woman receive an apology and £2,000 compensation as well as assurance at last that her details had indeed been corrected and verified.

The ombudsman stated that the agencies in question should learn from this incident and change their protocol to a more customer-focused one where they have better communication with one another and are more open to anyone who may have queries about the information held about them. She also added that if changes are not made, many more similar mistakes could occur, in these departments and in others, and the result could be that many more people end up being unable to trust government agencies to get their information correct.


  • John says:

    The Ombudsmans office is in it this scam with the CSA, M.P.’s and the rest of the shambolic halfwits!

    If the taxpayer wants to save money get rid of the CSA, ICE, and PHSO office. They are all as thick as thieves!

  • they couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery that lot,,, words fail me, and my kids and every 1 elses kids, these people that “work” for the csa should be shot.. or sacked and give parents the job

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