Child Support Agency battles Emma Chapelhow

January 20, 2011

The Child Support Agency has recently demanded £43,000 in back payments from a father, even though the child in question has lived with him since 2007, and not his former partner, her mother.

The claim for arrears was based on the fact that the mother asserted that there was a discrepancy between the father’s declared income and his actual income. This so upset daughter Emma Chapelhow that she took legal action against the agency, claiming that this would have a negative impact on her well-being as it would bankrupt her father, leaving him unable to support her. She has lived with her father since 2007 when a judged supported her in her application to be allowed to choose with whom she could live.

The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission now says that it will not pursue the case until Emma is sixteen, when it will instigate a review. In view of this, Emma now blames herself and is frightened of what will happen in the future, but she is determined not to drop her legal action against the CSA.

In a peculiar twist last year bailiffs were sent to the house to recover goods to support the debt and it is alleged that they also tried to take Emma’s pony, Pringle. There certainly seems to be a disconnect somewhere when the agency dedicated to providing support for children of broken marriages appears to be taking away that child’s support and thus breaching its own duty of care. The Department of Work and Pensions admitted that Child Support Agency mistakes are made in a quarter of its cases.


  • John says:

    I hope Emma wins her case. I hope that the European courts take an interest and I hope that the UK government and CSA are dragged into the European courts and forced to abolish this over powerful, money laundering scam, that IS breaching Human rights law!

  • chall says:

    This story broke some time ago . The Daily Mail then reported ‘ A devoted daughter… or a pawn in a cynical game? The 13-year- old suing the CSA to stop them ruining her ‘hero’ father’
    Read more;–pawn-cynical-game-The-13-year-old-suing-CSA-stop-ruining-hero-father.html

    – not sure, are any of us in a position to have an opinion based on proper facts.

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