Child Support Agency asks me to get loan for arrears

June 23, 2011

My ex got CSA involved in my payments to her.

Now i dont have a problem with this and they sent me the forms in jan 2009 so i filled in the forms and sent them off at the end of jan 2009.

I then did not get any contact from them an till june/july 2010. As you can imagin this built up areers of £1600.

I could not believe it! They even asked if i could take a loan out to pay it or get a friend/family member to pay for it (how rude is this).

So i got a payment plan through of £204 a month with £96 of that being the normal monthly payment. To me this is discusting i cant hardly afford to live, im on minimum wage and this is without paying my parents rent….The whole so called ‘FAIR SYSTEM’ for both parents is a disgrace.

So i get the blame, stress and hard life for a year just because they took so long to get back to me.

There should be a fairer system for people in areers if it was CSA’s fault that the areers are so high!!!!


  • Michael Strindberg says:

    You wanna talk about being screwed by the so called “Fair System”. Where do I begin. I have an 18yr old son, who is not in college that I still pay support for. I owe $12,000 for a child I have never been allowed to see. Nothing to do with each other. And am now in debt for a child I lived with for 3years, had worked during the period, making payments to my other son, however my youngest’s mother claimed I never paid her a dollar in the entire time!!! I gave her $2-300 a week in cash to help with the household that included 2 girls of hers from another man! I am $15,000 in debt to support, can’t see my children and have no ability to ever improve my situation due to the in-ability to afford legal help to get me heard. I work almost 50 hours a week, used to work 5 jobs just to bring home maybe $150. if I was lucky. The more You work the more you have to support, the less you can afford for the arrears, the more interest they enslave you with! I would do anything to get a loan just so I can have some chance at what I have left at a life to ever be able to provide a future for my children, I’m just not wealthy enough to deserve that privilege or even the privilege of being a willing participant in my child’s life. So I raise someone else’s that doesn’t want to.

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