Child Support Agency Advice Forum

April 24, 2008

If you’d like to find some help with dealing with the Child Support Agency, or ask some questions about things you’re unsure of, you can visit our new CSA Advice Forum that has just launched.

Feel free to post anything, ask any questions or just have a good moan if you like. No one will judge you, we’re here to help in dealing with the CSA.

Both non resident parents and parents with care are welcome. We’re even open to some CSA workers if they’d like to pop by.

Visit the forum here.


  • steve says:

    my names steve and i live in france,ive been paying for my daughter who lives with her mother and partener,never missing a fact my ex insistes her money comes straight from my ill health pension at source.the csa have decided in there wisdom to increase my payments three fould without my knowledge,agreeing they made of made a mistake and sent information to my old address(i moved 3 years ago and informed them). I cant afford these new payments,this is all myself,my partener and baby girl have to live on.I never speak to the same person at the csa,they lie to me saying they will call back but never do.I have to visit the hospital on a regular basis because i suffered two heart attacks last stress levels are so high its making me ill,can somebody please help.thanks steve.

  • Jeff Stevenson says:

    Are you employed or receive a pension from a British Employer?

  • steve says:

    yes jeff ,I recieve a county council ill health pension

  • Andy says:

    The CSA are too slow, I am waiting for payments from my ex for my two children, I don’t want to moan, just resolve the problem, does anyone know if there are other organisations that can do the same as the CSA? At the end of the day all the CSA do is act based on law and act as a collection and delivery point for payments, surely this can be done by myself or through another organisation???, this would perhaps decrease the burden on the CSA thus benifiting everyone… Thanks

  • phil says:

    iv been paying csa for 8 years can someone tell me what i can claim for bills wise

  • Colin Dassow says:

    I currently pay the csa for my three daughters.. I have never missed a payment. My eldest daughter has just turned 16, my middle child is 14 and my youngest is 9yrs. I have heard that I can request a reduction to do with a carers element. Does anybody else know about this. Is it true and are the payments backdated.

  • wilf says:

    Colin:- Carer’s allowance will only start reducing once the youngest child reaches the age of twelve.
    It probably will not change the liability by very much as it is only one element used to determine the maintenance requirement.
    The carer’s allowance only occurs once in the calculation however many qualifying children there are in the case.

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