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Child has been adopted but I still have to pay!

In August of 2013 £3210.00 had been stolen from my Bank account. I was subsequently informed that this money had been taken by the CSA! I had received no prior written notification of this. A SAR revealed that it was their policy not to notify me of their theft of my funds, a situation which continues to this day!

Further investigation has lead to me finding out that the child was around 15 years old at that point, but I had never heard of him! Fast forward to the present day, having wasted time writing to the not so “Independent” Case Examiner, and the equal waste of space aka the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman, I am unable to obtain any information about this child.

I am still being subjected to the theft of my wages, which I only ever find out about after the event! The Ombudsman suggested that I should go to Court which I am happy to do. I have written numerous letters and emails to the CSA, which are always ignored. I have found out that the Mother is MARRIED, and that there is NO RECORD of the birth of the child in question. I have reason to believe that the mother has RELATIVES who work for the CSA, or whatever they are called now. I also believe that the child has been legally adopted. Is there anyone out there who knows what steps I need to take in order to get this heard by a Judge?

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