Child Extortion Agency sending me to prison

April 29, 2010

I have just recieved my court date where I will in all probability be sent to prison for 42 days. I was with an ex partner who had 2 children by me (never proven by DNA) but we split up.

I was paying CSA money but when I was told by her friend that the children may not be mine after all due to the fact she had been seeing her brother for years while she was with me! So I stopped paying, when she stopped me seeing the kids shortly after.

I have been to court twice and told I still have to pay and that its up to me to sort out a DNA test. But they refused to tell me where she lives so I couldnt sort one out without costing thousands in court which i didnt have. I was told that if i didnt pay £300 a month i will go to prison for 42 days. I was on a suspended sentence and told that if i miss a payment i will be back in court where they will impose the sentence.

I was injured at work last year so i was unable to pay as i was self employed and were informed. I went back to work 3 months later but i never told the csa as never had the money to pay again because i was on reduced hours at work. I am now in the process of becoming bankrupt due to multiple debts so they cant have what i dont have! Not sure what im going to do next.

I am in court on 17th May 2010. My new wife is in bits at the moment as she is worried about paying bills rent ect while im on holiday at HMP! How can they get away with jailing someone under the assumption that someone may or may not be the father?

I thought you have to be proven guilty to be sent to prison? Not according to the Legalised Child Extortion Agency!