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Child does not live with father yet I have to pay CSA for her

My daughter went to live with her dad at the age of 13, i have an attachment of earnings order on me for child maintenance. She is now 16, no longer in education and has just had a child of her own….. yet i still have to pay her dad every month even though she no longer lives with him, and i’ve told them this many, many times!!

Getting nowhere with the csa just get passed from pillar to post and keep getting told different things by them.

Could you please give me some advice, much appreciated.

One thought on “Child does not live with father yet I have to pay CSA for her

  1. Write to them, send it recorded delivery (very important) telling them that your daughter no longer lives with your ex. In the same letter, inform that you’ve told them this many times (mentioning dates and times if you can) and request your data file from them. This will show you their account of when you spoke to them so you can prove you’ve told them.

    They charge for this now, £10 I believe, which means you’ll have to send a cheque too – but it’s worth it. They have to respond and send it to you.

    As a final note, you should keep a diary of contact with the CSA, noting down dates, times, duration of calls and names of people you spoke to – this will all be important when proving what you’ve told them and when. Ideally, record your phone calls. It’s your legal right to do so and you do NOT need their permission, or even to tell them you’re doing it.

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