Can’t afford to buy things for my children after CSA takes its money

July 23, 2012

Hello my name is Daniel bartlett I have four wonderful children love em all very dearly. I have two of each with two different woman.

Me and me ex split years ago I was paying her Maintance to her till I found out she was spanking it on herself at weekends.

Any ways earlier this year she got in touch with the csa and they went through my work and told me I have to pay 170 pounds a week for two children and they never even asked me what I pay out me and my partner now struggle I can’t afford to buy my other two children any thing after rent and bills I’m left with a tenner a tenner.

Where is the justice in that I think the csa are bang outta order taking that much out my wages didn’t ask ky out goings bang outta order, I tried ending my life last week cause i canybuy nothing afford nothing.

I’m having councelling now and trying to sort it out. Fair enough pay it but no where near that much that’s against my human rights I think csa are selfish never think bout the men but I think its bout time some thing was done to help men in the same situation as me and my family. I also did the online csa calculater and it works out I should be paying 62 pounds for the two children. Big difference don’t you think?


  • Carol says:

    Have the CSA got your income details correct? On your assessment have the included a deduction for the children living in your home? as you have 2 children at home they should be deduting 20% off your salary before assessing it for maintenance purposes.

    Is the difference due to accrued arrears? If so the CSA have the right to take 40% of your salary.

    I agree with you, 2nd families are struggling big time but the CSA do not care about that at all. They are only interested in making their figures look good.

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