Cannot see my children due to ex-wife

June 2, 2010

My ex wife has mad it impossible for me to see my kids.

She has taken me to court on trumped up charges and they have been thrown out. I have been to the family courts on numerous ocassions and now have the other useless goverment dictatorship CAFCASS involved. I have not seen my children for a toatl of 2 years in the 3 we have been separated. Yet I pay for them! I feel that this is wrong, if I saw them then I would be happy to pay maintenance. I have new family now and I am on a low income. The CSA will not take my new partner and our child into account and have left us with less than 900.00 per month to survive on. We cannot get an overdraft as we are both bankrupt (me because my ex left me in 23k of debt).

I cannot see any way out of this. Please give some advise. Would going self employed help?


  • chall says:


    Under CS2 the agency will not take your new partner into consideration.
    However if you have a child living in your household, you should receive a reduction for a ‘relevant other’, if you have informed them of such.

    How many children are you paying via the agency for?

    chall ~

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