Cannot afford to work so have given notice

May 20, 2012

I love my job. But the CSA now plan to that £200 a month from my wage an i can’t afford it. im not working 200+ hours a week for nothing. They will not accept anything I say on the phone so I have handed in my notice to quit at work. I will be without a job. I will lose my house and I will not be able to claim benefit. -I feel like I have been persued like a criminal.

Nobody has the right to treat me like this. I will work not a single day more or pay a penny more to the goverment until the CSA is abolished.


  • chall says:


    You have previously claimed ;

    *You told your ex to contact the CSA. She did on 18.10.2010.
    *You stopped paying CS to your ex whilst waiting for the CSA, because that would defeat the point of getting the Csa involved in the first place.
    *You made contact with the CSA knowing the case existed. The CSA couldn’t give you figure/set up payments at that time.
    *You received 2 letters on 09/02/2011 (4 mths after your ex contacted the agency), 1 for weekly payments & 1 for back payment.
    *The CSA have approached your employer to obtain payment direct from your wages.

    Are you aware legislation allows a calculation to stand, if the CSA consider the NRP has given up employment to evade making CS payments?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • John says:

    £3,7 billion remains uncollected, of which £2 million is uncollectable. People over paying, people under paying and people not paying at all. How can this be a fair system, when it is shambolic and not fit for purpose?

    Whether you pay or you don’t pay you will be treated as a criminal!

  • John says:

    Should read £2 billion as uncollectable!

  • Excityboy says:

    There are only 168 hours in a 7 day week.
    None of this post rings true

  • brian morgan says:

    i love my son very much which i haven’t seen in 6yrs i am in arrears with csa £1,800 and i have asked them a break down 1yr ago and only now they sent it to me i have gone through my bank statement and they have missed payments on their statement so i had to forward my statements on the 26/3/12 and i am still waiting from them and now the csa are taken £214.33 out of my wages and leave me with £390 to live but only thing now my mortgage is £400 per week so how can i pay csa and keep my home i am so down and i don’t know where to turn and what is hurting more i love my son so so much and how come my ex can have 2 home and rent one out and i can’t afford 1 so what can i do

  • Brett says:

    Excityboy.. Maybe the writer of this letter meant 200 hours a month. Like me his brain is probably scrambled with the hell is going through.

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