Cannot afford to see child due to CSA demands

May 12, 2012

We are unable to afford to see the child in the case as CSA are taking over £650 a month. We have already moved house to lower our outgoings yet the monies are funding the ex wifes lifestyle of holiday, hair, nails and clothes etc, she also gets working family tax credits on top and her own salary plus her new partners so all in all a lot better off than us.

We pay the child in the cases contract phone so we can keep in touch as she lives far away we cant afford to go and collect and return as the ex wont meet us half way, feel that CSA should reduce the arrears payments over 3-4 yrs so we can afford to provide a home for her and have contact, the ex is left with lots of debt from the marriage also, which arent taken into consideration, would not be so bad if the money went into an account for the child, the child is suffering as the dad is paying yet cant see her … ridiculous.

CSA should from the age of 13yrs put money in trust for the child, debts from the marriage should be taken into consideration and the contact with absent parent ie how much it cost to see them etc … also arrears spread over longer periods.


  • Karl Garrett says:

    OMG! – your situation is exactly the same as mine!. ex had the house, contents, I took the debt, bankruptcy, and had to pay £700+ PM and nearly made us homeless..we too had to downsize to a 1 bedroom converted shed, just to survive..but do the PWC’s care..NOPE!, as like you said, it’s funding their lifestyle. Again the PWC was inflexible regarding travel & costs, as fuel was expensive..really!!!!!?…that and the usual parental alienation, and the McDad syndrome…aka I can travel 400Miles + and have them for 1 day only (not that I can afford sleep in the car it is!!)..sod that. basically, I’ve had to leave a perfectly good job and emigrate to get away from these c**ts ( I use this word, only for them).. Now my only contact with my boys ( well only one, as the other has been “converted already!”) is via much for being able to see yer kids eh!!..but then we are just disposable cash machines at the end of the day, with the “we are dangerous” label, …even though we are not!!!…

  • chall says:


    Did the case commence on or after 03/03/03?
    How did arrears accrue?
    Is the CSA leaving the non resident parent with at least 60% of their total income?

    If after…

    No point concerning yourself with the ex and new partners financial position, as on CS2 the agency do not take it into consideration.

    *Legislation allows for some debts from the relationship to be taken into account.
    *A Variation can be applied for costs relating to contact.


    Quote Lisa; ” CSA should from the age of 13yrs put money in trust for the child ”

    Can you clarify your reasons for this and also confirm if the day to day cost of raising a child over 13 yrs should solely be at the expense of the parent with care?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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