Can we trust CSA staff with our data?

January 26, 2011

Over the years we have seen story after story illustrating the ineffectiveness and incompetence of the Child Support Agency when it comes to safeguarding our data that we surly must ask the question ‘how safe is our data, and can we trust the CSA staff?’

While we understand that mistakes do happen and letters can be sent to the wrong address, details can be updated on the system incorrectly and human error is always possible, is there something more sinister at work?

For example, several staff at the Child Support Agency were recently dismissed for downloading adult orientated materials on their work computers. The mere fact that staff were accessing the sorts of websites that offer this type of content should represent a significant worry for the public. Illegal downloads and adult content often go hand-in-hand with SpyWare, Trojans and other types of nasty programs that find themselves onto your home computer – however, when the computer in question is a CSA computer and it is directly linked up to a database with the records of hundreds of thousands of people, complete with names, addresses, National Insurance numbers and even bank details, the worry is intensified.

This is of course assuming the CSA staff in question are just incompetent and have ‘accidentally’ downloaded some SpyWare that can be used to strip the database and upload it unbeknownst to the CSA to someone who would use it, or sell it. What if the CSA staff are actually untrustworthy themselves? With all of the CD and DVD replication software options available it would be simplicity itself for a member of the CSA to just make a copy of the database for themselves and use it, or sell it, as they see fit.

They have access to all of our details, including bank account details, do you trust them?


One Response to “Can we trust CSA staff with our data?”

  1. graeme on January 27th, 2011 5:49 pm

    wouldnt even trust the thieving gits with a sharp pencil… well yes i would as long as they stuck it into themselves to cause harm and grief to their body and hopefully end up with lead poisoning leading to their death….

    only good csa worker is a dead one.. just like the threats they have passed onto us….

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