Can they take my money if I’m nothing to do with the child?

March 15, 2014

Csa are taking money from my wage every month, up to £330 a time yet im not on the child’s birth certificate?

Have no contact with the child or the mother there have been rumours I could be the dad, there is also someone else on the birth certificate as the dad! And there is no proof I am except the mothers word of mouth?

Can they take money of me as Im nothing to do with the child??


  • Adrian says:

    Request a DNA through the csa. Ask for payments to be suspended pending the outcome. If the child is not yours request all monies back as well as compensation for hardship times. I’d also go to the national papers as well. The scum at the csa think there about the law.
    CSA You have to abide by the law that Brussels enforce. Your breaking every human right possible

    Good luck buddy

  • Matthew says:

    This is my post I have no idea whether im the dad or not, however im not on the birth certificate yet some one else is, my ex has just told csa im the dad but theres proof.

  • Corryn says:

    No birth certificates have to be given to the CSA by the PWC as proof of parentage. They 100% take the PWC word for it. Its up to NRP to prove otherwise. Wether you get a dna test through the CSA or pay for it yourself its a matter of priority. If you have been paying CSA voluntarily or otherwise, they will take it as acceptance of your paternity, wrong but thats the way it is. If your not the Dad, you will have to be aggressive with your fight for a refund, and it will probably take a long time so be prepared.

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