Can the mother fix a DNA test?

November 20, 2012

I had a DNA test over 10 years ago following a one night stand. It came back that I was the father. I have always paid but now the boy is getting older, as am I, I am seeking accesss. The query is that he looks nothing like me.

Is it possible a mistake could have been made? Or maybe that the mother was somehow able to fix the results?

I know I could simply request another one, but this will result in so much conflict that I don’t want to unless there’s a chance the first one was incorrect.


  • Alice says:

    I would think it would be very difficult for a mother to fix a DNA test -the test you would have taken would have matched the DNA of the child to your DNA – the only way I can think it could be fixed to show you as being the father if you aren’t would be if you had another child and this child’s dna was used

    The tests that the CSA arrange are not postal spit on a stick types, they require the named persons to attend a DNA testing center and they must take photographic ID with them – this is to prevent an alleged father sending his friend in to take the test in – or in extreme cases taking the wrong child in for testing.

    If you have already had a DNA test and it has proven you to be the father of the child I would think it is highly unlikely that the test was wrong

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