Can the CSA take my tax free income?

October 28, 2013

I am leaving the country to work in Saudi Arabia. My military pension will be my sole UK taxed income. Do the CSA have the right to come after my tax free income


  • Lisa says:

    Yes I would think so, though if your out of jurisdiction being out of the uk then I would assume it would be case closed make sure you contact CSA and tell them your leaving the uk otherwise they will leave arrears building up that they will hammer you for

  • Marcus Lasance says:

    A simple Google search will reveal a list with which countries the UK has a so called reciprocal agreement with regard to Child Support. Saudi Arabia is not on on it.

    The fact that Saudi Arabia does not tax your income does not mean you cannot/should not declare it to the UK tax authorities. It also does not mean you should/could not use part of your tax free earnings to support your child/children left behind in the UK right?

    Be prepared to be at least a full tax year away from the UK and spend fewer than 183 days on future visits to the UK each year, if you don’t want the CSA or HMRC to come after your tax free income.

  • rach says:

    hi as you are going to be working in saudi arabia the csa will NOT beable to touch any earnings you make there the reciprocal agreement referred to above as nothing to do with the csa and only the pwc could apply to the courts in saudi to try to gain maintenance from you (however i dont rate her chances!) . please make sure to tell the csa in writing (sent recorded delivery) of your move to saudi otherwise they wil keep the arrears building , be warned however that they may still deduct from your military pension! but foreign earnings(on csa2) cannot be included

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