Can the CSA still collect arrears when I’m on J.S.A.?

March 15, 2011

Having had many years of having to deal with this inept institution my latest problem with the CSA must take the biscuit and I really do not know on this occasion where to turn for help as no one wants to listen. To keep a very long and sordid story short it started back in 2009 when they sent me a letter out of the blue saying I owed over £6000 in arrears….news to me as I”d been paying everything they asked for years!!!….after all the usual hassle to get details they tell me its becouse they didn”t take into consideration a variation the ex made 6 years previously!!!…unbelievable but true it seems.

So after hitting my head against brick walls trying to find out why it had taken them so long to tell me I finally gave up the fight and paid an extra £100 a month to pay the arrears off.

Trouble is that last month I had ,becouse of loosing my job,to start claiming J.S.A so immediately rang and told the CSA about my change in circumstance and thought nothing more about it. Until I get a new shedual through from them still showing they”re going to take the £100 a month off me no matter what. Another numerous phone calls later and they still say I have to pay it no matter what!!!! Can they do this even though I”m on J.S.A???

Any help anyone can give me would be appreciated as the CSA certainly don”t want to.


  • Peter Anderson says:

    What did you do about querying the arrears?

    They are sending demands like this out to many, many people and the arrears are completely fictitious. So what evidence did they provide you with regarding the arrears?

    How do the CSA intend to take £100 a month from you?

    Is it a Direct Debit? If so, cancel it with your bank.
    They can’t take £100 per month from your JSE, only £5 per week.

    Do not take these arrears at face value. Have a look at what you were actually what your assessment was and what you were actually paying. I suspect the arrears are incorrect. So write back (do not phone) saying that as you were paying all these years the arrears a clearly incorrect and that they must supply full details as to each assessment made and how the arrears are made up. Give them fourteen days to reply. And inform them again that you are now out of work and on JSA and that you will be cancelling any Direct Debit or any other kind of payment to them.

    And, write to the CSA in Longbenton, address below, and ask them to send copies of all computer and clerical records as required under section 7(1) of the Data Protection Act 1998. Ask them to include copies of all letters, notes and emails etc, especially those from each of their branches including Hastings, Plymouth, Newcastle, Birmingham and Belfast and also copies of all letters, notes and emails to/from the CSA’s debt collectors and solicitors. Also ask them to ensure that the notepad sections of the computer files are properly dated. Enclose a postal order for £10. You will then receive in about a month’s time a complete copy of your file (there is a template letter on and other useful information).

    In the meantime if they make further threats against you, can you come join us on Facebook? CsaHell on Facebook is down at the moment so for the moment we are discussing problems on “Against the Csa” on Facebook, or if you need help with contact you can go to “Separated Dads” or “Dads with Kids”, both on Facebook.

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