Can the CSA really be so unorganised and heartless?

November 17, 2015

I had not heard from the csa for 5 or 6 years and for at least 3 of those years I had been paying for the children out of the halifax My ex had suggested the above and as I thought it only fair I agreed at this time we had been devorced about 9 years In 2011.

I started seeing my now wife as soon as my ex got wind I was engaged she started blackmailing me saying she would go to the csa she would stop me seeing the girls etc She persisted with her threats so I took advice fro cab I’m not well paid and they told me I would be nil assessment and I should ignore her threats and pay a nominal amount if I could afford.

I married in may 2014 this made the situation worse In September 2014 I received a letter from the csa basically saying I hadn’t ever bothered with my girls and I had never contributed I rang them they were not helpful and said they didn’t believe what I was saying I imediately wrote to the recorded delivery with the copies of my bank statements I waited and heard nothing at the end of the 2nd week I rang them they said if I had written it was be prossessd I was fobbed of 2 weeks later I rang again with much the response except this time was told my case worker was off I kept on ringing with no succsess Then in November 2014 I received a letter saying they were taking me to magistrates court for an enforcement order for 16000.

I got my bank statement and went to court I was nt listened to it was a done deal The enforcement order was granted I then rang the csa and agreed a payment plan I tried to resolve all the above by writing a letter of complaint they did a knowledge that I’d paid and knocked it of the there fictisous debt they also a knowledge that they had replied or agreed that they had received my bank statements So they offered me 25 pounds compensation Which as yer I have not yet received.

In the meantime in June 2015 they put the bailiffs onto me I had not missed a payment and without notice they do this I contacted the bailiffs they were not good to deal with they wanted all the monies outstanding no payment plan no negotiations So I went to court to stay the baliff I’ve had 6 visits to court On the last the csa solicitors overuled the district judge who had looked at my finances and agreed I could only afford 40 pounds pcm The case is now rescheduled for early January any help would be grateful.



    Your MP does not give a
    The CSA don’t give a
    and your ex does not – you got it

    Nothing to do with Kids apart rom ruining their lives and supporting solicitors who feed off the Divorce plague.

    We live in a world of Greed and where people will divorce each other to feed that greed again nothing to do with caring for kids.
    If we really cared about kids we would make people face up to their responsibilities rather than make one party support the person who wants to benefit from the Divorce process.

    All you need to do is marry , play around take the family home, live on benefits get child support , and repeat that a few times, beats working or being someone who has to pay child support . What a great system and oh how I can make I work for me.

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