Can the CSA make my partner give her income details?

July 10, 2013

Do I have to declare my now partners income? My new partner feels that she does not want me to declare her income as it is personal to her. So I have no right to pass on that information. So by law can the csa make her disclose that information even though the kids are nothing to do with her. The kids live with my ex.


  • Jo says:

    Are you on old or new system?

    Old system you’re asked to, but legally you don’t have to.

    New system, no, its only the income of the nrp they look at.

    Hope this helps…as post says above say as little as possible if you can.

  • Chris says:

    What if your new partner is also the owner and director of the limited company you work for??

  • Sally says:

    @ Clint, to add to the advice given by the website (below) also gives good advice/guidance…

    The whole system is unfair and decent NRP’s ALWAYS lose out…. :-/

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