Can the CSA make ex take responsibility?

March 3, 2015

My son is 11 his father hasnt paid anything since he was 2 i contacted the csa and they were unable to trace his adress anmd said i would have to hire a private detective.

I couldnt afford this so have had to struggle finicially for years but now i know his adress and he is having a child with new partner so can the csa finally help?

He will deny he lives their as he hasnt put his name on the electoral role but where do i start again with the csa?

I cant find the old paperwork but surely they must be able to force him to pay somehow and can it be backdated please advice as struggling finicially.


  • Lisa says:

    But of
    Course your struggling now you think you know where he lives, your case back years ago will have been closed if they couldn’t trace him and they can only do an assessment from the day they contact him! Why not take on extra hours of work no offence but you have coped this long without him and he obviously didn’t want to be found so why try and destroy him now? Maybe I’m at the wrong end of the stick but you sound jealous because he has settled down and now you want to try and destroy his new family!

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