Can the CSA demand I pay them?

December 31, 2012

In May this year I left the UK and now work for an American Co on cruise ships all around the World – I do not pay tax to the UK or indeed any country as I am not redisent in any country and I work off shore. The CSA has contacted me through my parents address in the UK and are asking me to send proof of my income – even though they are aware of the situation.

Do I have to provide evident to them and can they demand I make payment to them? I have never admitted to being the father and have never had a relationship with this girl just a one night stand when she presented herself at my door one evening. However, by default the CSA made a decision that I must be the dad as (according to them) I never replied to any of their letters which they were sending to a very old address.

Prior to my leaving the country earlier this year I was having money taken from my unemployment benefit. Can you advise where I stand?


  • wilf says:

    Peter:- Did you dispute paternity when child maintenance was deducted from your benefits?
    If you are a client of the CSA,even by default, you are obliged to inform them of any change in circumstances i.e. change of address,change of employment or income etc.
    You have to show that you are no longer habitually resident in the UK.
    This could be difficult if you are not resident elsewhere.
    They might think that your work entails travel and your base in the UK is your parent’s home.
    If you own property in the UK or have a UK bank a/c and no foreign address they might consider you a UK resident who merely works abroad.

  • rach says:

    it depends if you are on csa1 or csa2. on csa2 they cannot take foreign earnings into consideration

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