Can the Australian CSA make me pay if I live in the UK?

July 30, 2013

Hi , My wife took my kids away from me to New zeland abt 15 years ago , I did not know were or when exactly my ex wife took them so i was informed by my solicitor at the time to stop paying my maintenance.

Quite a few years later i went to Australia to see my kids as they made contact with me. I was not aload to leave OZ until I agread to make payment of which I did, My kids are now 24 & 22 respectably .

I no longer pay for my children due to their age but I still have arrears to pay, would you know if iam liable to pay these as they are over $20K dollars. Does the Australian CSA have duristriction to do this as I live in the UK,

regards Phil


  • Adrian says:

    Highly unlikely it will happen unless you owe this money to the Australian state. So assuming you don’t I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s basically to much hassle for them at the end if the day and comes down to the mother of the children.
    Now should you step foot on Australian soil again your probably gonna get detained
    If the mother of the children writes to the oz CSA saying that you each made a private arrangement and that she wants the case closed. This effectively closes what you owe. Hope this helps

  • Adrian says:

    One other things she would have needed your permission to take the kids at the age of 9 and 7. A child can’t freely say what they want or need till the age of 12

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