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Can my ex just cut down on my payments to buy other things?

My ex husband pays me csa of £56.00 per week for one of our children.

He wants to take him away in august and him and his new wife has told me they are stopping £20.00 per week from the 23rd may for 10 weeks to pay for some new clothes for his holiday.

Can he do this without my permission?

23 thoughts on “Can my ex just cut down on my payments to buy other things?

  1. But the child is going to be with his wife and their finances are together are they not?

    Wish my ex was like the op but sadly not, so think yourself very lucky!
    If you haven’t got your son then technically he doesn’t have to pay you anything whilst the boy is in his father’s care….if the shoe was on the other foot bet you’ll feel differently!

  2. Exactly ^ as he is with them you should get bog all for 2 weeks. Don’t be greedy, it is likely that some of this clothes will end up at your house is it not, so you will be saving on not have to buy some for a while yourself!!!

  3. Colette…I was a single mother of 2 who gets nothing in maintenance let alone an ex who wants to take the kids away on holiday, which would be welcomed for a break. It isn’t cheap raising kids, but unlike the nrp the pwc in a majority of cases get help in additional benefits to help with this cost. In my opinion yes the op is being unreasonable and like I said the nrp does have a right to some child benefit whilst the child is in his care. The money is still being spent on the child which is what maintenance is for.

  4. @ Colette
    Wind your neck and NO she has no right to demand any more from the ex if she was the one taking the kid on hols…what do you think he pays CSA for in the first place.
    He pays HER remember! for looking after his child…his contribution all the while the pwc has the child. Why should he pay whilst the child’s in his care?
    Next you will agree that the pwc should get the same payment each month even if the Nrp had the kids overnight on a regular basis…lol…and as for other expenses…..well that’s tough…..go get a job I say…the CSA dictate what the Nrp pays and he he don’t get any help in way of other benefits..unlike the pwc.


  5. @amanda Johnson
    First of all, she is not his new partner, she is his wife. And as his wife, they are a partnership, legally all he owns his hers and vica versa, they are ONE so finances are EVERY thing to do with her and she has every right to dictate THEIR finances to his ex as far as I’m concerned
    Oh and I guessed you be commenting on this thread. You choose the threads that suit you, don’t you Amanda. And 9 times out of 10 you choose to comment in favour of a pwc.
    I didn’t see any comments from you yesterday about the guy who is contemplating suicide…not even a word of sympathy….disgusting !!!

  6. Oh and Amanda Johnson
    I’d bet a yrs salary that if this pwc thought their was a way to bleed the new wife of cash for her kids? She be straight onto the CSA to enforce it.

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