Can I take this so called father to court?

May 1, 2014

I was married 28 years ago my then husband and I had a daughter in 1986 who was born deaf , 10 months later I found out I was pregnant with our second child , he left me before she was born for another woman.

He was serving in the Royal Navy and decided to make his self bankrupt so he did not have to pay maintenance and also moved to work in Saudi , for years csa tried to find him , but could not , meanwhile I met and married a wonderful man and we are still married to this day.

He has brought up the girls as his own , never adopted them but loves them as his own , times have been hard throughout the years and now the girls are grown up and wanting to start there own life.

Unfortunately we are not able to help them in the way we want to . There farther has never sent so much as a card , birthday present nothing , yet he has gone onto remarrying and having another child.

Still no contact and yet the girls have tried through face book as he is on there. There is so much more to this story but it will take too long ,all I want to know is can my daughters or myself take this so called father to court after all these years?

I think it is about time he helped his daughters financially so they can have some sort of start in life …. Plus I think it’s about time he put his hand in his pocket for them , as he has done with all his other children.


  • D says:

    You have managed without their father all these years so why now? Why drag upset into the girls lives their father does not want to know he is the one who has lost out. He has missed all the years of them growing up “his loss” no you cannot claim now they grown up. Money will not buy happiness, dragging up the man who fathered them will only cause heartache and upset.

  • jo says:

    I think now your daughters are grown leave it up to them with what they want to do instead of going in guns blazing and demanding money of a man who clearly had his own reasons of abandonment.

    If you went through csa initially are there any arrears? If not then I’m afraid there is nothing more you can do plus your now husband raised them as his own, surely that belittles him so what?

  • Ste says:

    Try learning to spell …..FATHER and use THEIR instead of THERE when refering to belongings…
    Then look at your sad life , bitter and twisted still 30years on … no wonder her left you. You got dla for years for a child who is only deaf and milked the system by having this cery minor ailment c know assed as a full disability what a joje. . Pay all the benefits back and then start mianing. You leech!

  • Gonk says:

    Can’t believe I’m reading this.
    Let it go….the girls are grown up and if they choose to try tracking him down then let it be their choice and their decision. If he wants nothing to do with them then that’s his loss if they despise or resent him for it.
    You really think its going to make things better by you or his kids taking him to court?
    And for what?
    I suspect you are just clutching at a remote posibility that you may get money out of him as a way of revenge….you really think this is going to make him welcome anyone with open arms….he will just go further under the radar.

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