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Can I take out an injunction against the CSA?

I’m about to become employed. As I was previously self employed. The CSA keep coming up with fictitious figures that they claim I owe them. They took me to court. To try and secure the debt. They advised me not to go. I went anyway.

When I appeared they dropped the matter and said they would contact me. That was a year ago. I want to start a new job. With a bit of security. I want to take an injunction out on the CSA, to stop them from taking any money from me or my future employer. And to discuss the case properly. Before any monies change hands.

5 thoughts on “Can I take out an injunction against the CSA?

  1. Good luck with that dude…really, you will need it.
    Hell…’s a government agency and a law unto itself. It forces a media black out to tv and radio stations and has gagging orders in place to ensure no one speaks out against their appalling failings and expose them for what they and the staff that works for them really are. So I don’t hold out much hope for you there matey

  2. The short answer is no. the body will simply state that they are carrying out their statutory duty and you will lose.

    wht you need to do is nail this once and for all. this site is full of people who are told they owe X and then the CSA change their minds and then they owe more (never less.)

    get your file from the CSA it takes a month and cost a tenner. take a good long look at it then report back any inconsistencies. contact the Data protection Unit of the CSA

    onec you have sorted out any problems consider yourself free.

    Alternatively if u want a short cut you can write to them asking what is owed and retain rthe letter. if they start saying that they re going to take money from your work via a DEO you can appeal the DEO at court waving the letter u have at the judge.

  3. In life you have woman that say thier taki g the pill or some think .get pregant then say it was and accident then thier is planed babys then thier is poeple try for years and dont have a baby we all have choice and when it ends one or the other get the child then they want csa since my son gas gone though a devorce he been whit her a few years she wanted a baby the test was good she got a baby the first year she went of with a man he for give her then they got married after the baby was born they got married then his dad died she had a nother man the she use to hit my son when they rowed she then left him took ababy then gave hin the baby after a couple of days then came back and said she wanted to try for the baby sake but once again it was a show she was seeing his best mate who i was friend with his mother a friend who cared for his mum till she died and was still a family friend untill this happened my son lost his dad wife job and son then my son had to come home no money dept so its two years know still no money or job me my son had a big row whit his step dad ended he will be homless no job or money while he is waiti g for his new job to get started job centre Is helpi g him start his old job takeing weddi g and family photos but right on top of xmass nothink but his wife has got the court caff caff on her side the police and k now CSA they said they will take him to court and will send bailifs in he only got clothse its not his home and tbe camra equipment belong to the gorverment till he gets work and pay them back but thier no rights for fathers if the are not the giulty party but she has this way she makes my so look like the bad father his son loves his dad and has fun with us we feed him but cloths toys medicine but CSA say that dont matter we have wed from four pm till 8pm sat 10till sun 5 pm that dont count and when he is ill she say can you have him for tbe week we can not say no as she will take hour off us with him if we dont do as she says she gets away with every think and my son get nothink or no help from no one only me and his lungs has give way three times and know got tbe start of lung disease most man would kill them self by know but i have magaed to keep him from a mental break down but does suffer from depresssion and ash keeps kicking him down if he dont do what she want no one belives us joyce

  4. First off, I believe that every father has a duty to their children, financial and emotional and I take these obligations seriously. The CMS is becoming a barrier to these responsibilities and their involvement is effective detrimental not constructive or even useful. Here’s my little heap of misery….
    I have never missed a maintenance payment. My ex and I split 2015. Initially there was a separation agreement in which maintenance was agreed. What I didn’t know is that the maintenance part of a separation agreement only lasts one year. In any case the maintenance was calculated according with the CMS formula anyay. Cue 1 year later Jan 2018, I get my first CMS review and embark on the most frustrating and pointless year. Unfortunate this is increasingly looking set to continue into 2019. As a result of the 2018 review, the maintenance went up by 70 pounds. I couldn’t afford it as I was already stretched. I made a special expenses application as I live 500 mile round trip from my children and I see them twice a month and for generally just under half the holidays. This was approved 10 months later in November 2018 after a mandatory reconsideration. What a colossal screw up that was.
    I never heard from them and called them on three occasions to check what was going on. I was informed that they were looking into it. I couldn’t afford to pay the arrears crew 70 so I had been paying the original amount. I wouldn’t have asked for expenses If I could afford it. The decision came back to deny the initial expense application on the basis of my post code. I used my mums as as postal address as I was renting a room. A lot of hair pulling later the mandatory consideration backdated the expenses to Jan2018 and lowered the maintenance to 120 below what I had been paying. Then I’m told I am in arrears and haven’t paid enough for four months. They gave me a repayment schedule which I complied with. I’m now having the review and I’m being moved to collect and pay because apparently I’m still in arrears. I have called these incompetent over zealous militant terrorists a number of times. I have explained to them that I can’t possibly owe arrears as technically I have overpaid since January 2018. Yes well, I may as well speak to a tree. At least it would be more pleasant. I’m not entirely sure of what to do. They have made an error and what they are doing is punative. One lady threatened me with taking 40 percent of my earnings. Charming individual she was. All I am really asking for is a fair and objective assessment. I haven’t done anything wrong. Objectivity is sadly lacking. I think I’m going to have to find the money to pay the arrears. It is truly galling as there are no arrears. My experience so far has taught me that the CMS is untrustworthy, incapable of objective reasoning and wholly inefficient. Oh yes, ever noticed how unstable the CMS phone platform is? Drops out all the time. Misery heaped upon misery.

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