Can I take my ex and CSA to court over non-payment

May 4, 2017

Can you please help. I registered with csa in 2013. I agreed to set up an attachment to earning and agreed to pay the percentage they required out of the amount I would receive from my ex. Most months I am in contact with them asking on the progress. My ex is a job hopper. When we split he took voluntary redundancy to stop me getting any payment. Up to now I have received just under £500 in child maintenance. The csa have been absolutely useless.

Recently he got a job in January. They told me I would receive a payment in May. Due to tracing him, setting up attachment to earnings and then allowing time for the employer to pass money to csa. I rang them today and they say they have received no payment! I kno that it has been attached to his wage because he sent me a copy of his wage slip indicating £530 had been taken from his wage. This was on 8th April. They allow upto 19th for the money to be received by csa then csa should send to me.

Surely after 4 years of chasing this gutter level individual (my children’s father!) they should have chased it through and made sure it was coming thru. But no!! He is now registered as on benefit yet again. With no notification sent to me. I am now very annoyed and stressed out due to yet again no payment!! The csa state they haven’t the money and will look into it. It’s now bank holiday! They can’t do anything yet but said they would contact me when they receive information. I want to know if I am able to take legal advise and take both csa and my ex husband to court. My children have suffered due to this low life. I thought the child support agency were law and as stated in the name Child Support should legally help. How wrong am I. I’m disgusted. Please help.


  • Tock says:

    stop using csa go use child maintainance service they update the income every year, I know this because I am a paying parent I split up with my ex.
    I paid 12%. even if ur unemploy you still have to pay or if you leave ur job u still have to pay.

  • David says:

    If there has been some negligence on the part of the CSA, they could be held liable for any losses due. It all depends on the circumstances. Please provide me with a brief history of your case explaining what happened since the initial application to the Agency at [email protected]

    CSA Specialist

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