Can I sue the CSA?

August 14, 2014

Can I sue the CSA in court and get compensation for this:

1. I was happily paying child support for my child with no issues until I met somebody, at which point the CSA was contacted by the mother out of spite. My case started in 2006 and continues to present day.

2. They didn’t do my assessment correctly in 2009 creating arrears and the ICE got involved, I then received compensation but was still made to pay these arrears.

3. They then contacted my work places by ‘mistake (3 times and different work places)’ causing me unnecessary stress and embarrassment. They then apologised but my health had already started to be affected.

4. I then noticed (2013) that my arrears was extremely high and I again asked the ICE to get involved as I was getting nowhere with the CSA complaints procedure.

5. Again they found maladministration and I got another apology and compensation, but to prove this I had to get bank statements ordered, write numerous letters and numerous costly phone calls.

6. Again my health was affected in a negative way and I will explain later.

7. I was then informed that the arrears was 467.84 and in May 2014 myself and the CSA worked out a plan to clear these arrears by August 2014, to which I accepted as I thought that would be the end of it. I requested the transcript from the CSA to prove what was said and agreed.

8. I also have a written document stating how much arrears I have left from ICE which supports and confirms what the CSA said.

9. I then received a letter (Aug 8) with a new payment schedule which showed the arrears not being cleared and excessive amounts of money to be paid with no explanation.

10. I then called the CSA on 09.08.14 and found the person to be very rude and unprofessional, they were more interested in the timing of the call as it was near the end of their shift, he was quite abrupt and actually hung up the phone at exactly 5pm, despite the fact I was clearly distressed.

11. I spoke then called again on 11.08.14 for an explanation, to which they informed me that the ICE and themselves made a mistake and my arrears will not be cleared this month. They then apologised and explained that I have to pay these large amounts which I can’t afford.

12. Health: Since the CSA got involved I have been stressed and had large amounts of anxiety. I saw my work counsellor and doctor about these issues. I also developed a tumour (which had to be removed) and I was informed it was stress related. I am getting sick again and saw the doctor and he also informed me that the swelling I am getting is stressed related. The only stress that can be causing this is the CSA and their incompetence as they have clearly embarrassed me and threatened to take large amounts of money from myself which I cannot afford. How am I expected to live and provide for my other child when I don’t know how much is going to be taken from me from month to month? How can I possibly give my students 100% attention and support when I am worrying about whether the CSA is going to contact my work place?

13. Therefore can I now take this case out of the CSA and into the civil courts so that this incompetence can be dealt with once and for all before it causes any more damage to my health?


  • Woody says:

    Hi join csaripoffs on facebook, introduce yourself to the gang and explain what’s been happening.
    I do believe there are members on there that are in the process of starting legal proceedings against the individuals at the CSA responsible for all this fraud and maladministration and made up arrears.
    I assume that you do realize that the CSA workers have targets to hit, plus get bonuses twice yearly for putting nrps into made up arrears? So basically they put you into arrears for them to receive a good bonus.
    It’s a criminal scam and we need to join together and prosecute them.

    Good luck,

  • John says:

    Serious Fraud Office should be dealing with the criminals at the CSA. Also try the European court of human rights, regarding an individuals right to a private family life!

    The we’ll start a class action against them!

    I’m out of the system, but have kept all documentation as evidence for when the day comes where, staff are arrested and compensation claims are heard!

    Mis-sold your PPI…………..No! Been screwed by the CSA!

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