Can I sue the CSA?

June 30, 2013

right every body grab a coffee and a biscuit its gnna take a wile.

The csa have never ever listened to what i have said after numerous fone calls to the csa regarding payments.

i separated early 09 long overdue, any way after a long and complicated rollor coaster ride i managed to get things sorted with csa only thing is ex wife not happy and wants more even tho i signed over the house so whats happened now is that she is taking me and the csa to a tribunal im fine with that because i have complied with the csa right the way through there torture to myself…. just recieved a “bundle” and in it has got the bank details of my new wifes bank details for were she has child benefit paid it shows my new wifes bank account nuber and sort code.national insurance number date of births and names of her children(my ex wife did not know of any children)

it has alarmed us for the fact that my new wife has nothing to do with the csa ….only dealings my wife has had with ex is threating fone calls to her work place poison letters sent to our home in which police have been involved and gave her a warning over her conduct…After a fone call to the csa expressing our concerns and it got to the top people in csa and the 2nd in command rang my wife last night and told her that this should not have happened as my ex is a 3 rd party….does any one know if i can sue the csa for anything as now its pay back time … oh and by the way incase any bunny boliers out there start giving it large i have always paid csa its the csa that set the figure not me! merry xmas everyone x


  • Adrian says:

    According to money claim online. You can’t sue a goverment department. You can however sue local goverment. So I think the answer is no

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