Can I stop paying when my son turns 19 or do I have to wait until he’s 20?

April 25, 2013

My son is 18 and due to finish his A levels in June.He has decided to to go back to school next year and not go to University. Am I allowed to stop payments on his 19th birthday or do I still carry on making payments until he is 20?

We used to have a payment worked out by the CSA but I now make payments direct to my ex wife and we no longer use the CSA.

Please can you advise me?


  • Macon says:

    Melinda Bas

    Most men would want to support there adolescent children buy giving help and financial support to them directly and not giving there ex partners support they are old enough to look after themselves , As most PWC should prepare for is the CSA cash point coming to an end !!!!!!!!!!

  • Alice says:

    if your case is closed then the decision as to when you stop paying your ex is up to you. If however your ex does not agree with your decision and your son remains in full time (12 hours or more) non-advanced education (HNC and above is classed as advanced edcuation) your ex can re-apply to the CSA, the case will be re-assessed on your current income and you will be liable to pay up to your son’s 20th birthday

  • John says:

    What next Alice?

    Pay at 21, then 22. You lot just make it us as you go along, to assist in your money laundering scheme, and benefit the stakeholder staff and politicians.

    It’s about time the Serious fraud Office raided a few offices, seized evidence and made arrests. It’s called obtaining property (i.e money) by deception.

    What happens between parents and their children is THEIR business and has it has absolutely nothing to do with a run for profit company, set up by politicians using statute law, which they seem to think is greater than common law!

    One way or another the Government, CSA executives and staff will end up in the dock, with any luck!

  • Sally says:

    @ John…. I agree with all that you say but the CSA/Government are dangling carrots (money) in front of PWC as an incentive to get them to use the CSA…. I read on this website the other day that the PWC had been told by an idiot CSA member of staff to get payment through them and they would get her more money!!!

    The problem is that the CSA are telling PWC that they are ‘entitled’ to X amount of money and as a result the PWC assumes he/she is!!! This is where the resentment between couples/ex’s arise!!! The PWC then believes the NRP is withholding money he/she is entitle to!! 🙁 If the CSA ONLY got involved when necessary (i.e. the NRP is not paying at all) then it would be easier for couples but it would mean that the CSA would actually have to invest in finding the missing NRP’s.

    Right now all the CSA are doing is attracting disgruntled/vindictive/greedy PWCs to use them by telling them they will get more money while the PWC’s who genuinely need help (because the NRP refuses to pay ANY money for his/her child) are ignored and fed lies because the CSA staff are too lazy to research and investigate!!!

    The CSA needs to justify it’s existence and are abusing their powers to do so… i.e. lying, falsifying records/document, raising fictitious arrears, threatening innocent NRP’s with bailiffs …. all so they can reach their ‘targets’ each year…. it makes my blood boil that the are not held accountable for their actions…. 🙁

    rant over….. lol

  • David says:

    Hi, I agree totally with Sally and John. I’ve had arrears picked out the air when I’ve been told that I’m up to date. This is scary. What if I have paid more than I should over the years. Will there come a time when the CSA are broken up, and claims are put in against them. I will be in the front of the cue if that happens because I am convinced I’ve paid more than I should have done. Don’t get me wrong, I like to pay my own way, but they have confused me so much over the years with ambiguous phone calls, I bet I’ve paid over the odds. Something needs to happen, and soon.

  • John says:

    I’ll make it clear that I don’t have any problem in wanting to provide for my children. I all ready have and still do for one who is out of the system.

    I have raised a child as a single dad, and had to fight tooth and nail to get money from his mother. One rule for dads different rules for mums. A la CSA!

    My whole point is, that it has nothing to do with corrupt politicians and incompetent CSA staff.

    The people responsible for the CSA ‘dream factory’, have their own financial agenda, in penalising, criminalising and demonising the nrp. usually the father.

    They seem to think that by sneaking erroneous laws onto the statute book, that it somehow makes them unaccountable for their actions. The future will decide their fate, when restorative justice happens, and when it does my aim is to make all involved with the CSA suffer, as I and others have suffered!

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