Can I request more time to get proof of payment to the CSA?

October 7, 2012

In short, I have paid over 51,000.00 over the last 12 years through the CSA. Previously I have a standing order and for a while before that had a private agreement with my ex where I paid £250.

I received a letter from the CSA stating that I have outstanding debt of 2,500 dating back 15 years ago which my ex wants them to pursue even though I was paying and have given me 7 days from the date of their letter 28/09/12 I received on 2/10/12 to phone and pay this or they will arrest my wages.

Can I request extra time to get bank statements with proof I paid as I only have 2 days left!!!!???


  • John Edge says:

    In short, yes. Ring them.
    I am in the Army in Germany and I was away on a course in UK for 6 weeks, they wrote to me while I was away so my date to respond had expired before I received the letter.
    I rang them up and spoke to them, they had already obtained a couple of pay statements from the Army but their advisor on the phone did tell me the best way to sort my particular problem out and gave me time to do it.
    The organization might be the work of the devil but some of the individuals within will be reasonable

  • chall says:


    You can only ask…
    Hopefully, if you get some body reasonable on the other end of the phone they may agree and allow you some more time.

    Do you need bank statements that are 7 or more years old?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Alice says:

    if you call the csa and explain the situation they can consider extending the time they give you to provide the evidence of payments. Good luck

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