Can I report my own son to the CSA?

November 24, 2011

I am writing to see if their is anything i can do as a grandparent,to get my son to face his responsibilities.

I have been visiting my grandaughter as her mother said she wanted her to know her family. My son has made no attempt to see his daughter or make any effort financially. When my grandaughter was born, my son was there for her, but he split from her mother, and is now with another partner.

My son has not seen his daughter for well over a year, and he is now saying that she is not his daughter, based on what his new partner and her cousin have been telling him. I recently spoke to my son, and asked him to do a DNA test to prove to everybody that she is his daughter, or not, he refused saying to me he does not want anything to do with it. I advised my grandaughters mother to contact the CSA, and get this situation sorted out.

She has informed me that she has done so, and is awaiting forms. To be honest i dont actually beleive her, as their has been a lot of problems going back and forth from my son, his partner and her cousin, all towards my grandaughters mother.

I would like to know if i can report him to the CSA, and if he still claims he has no daughter, i would like help in getting a DNA test done. This situation is not fair on my grandaughter, and to be honest i am no longer willing to be the one in the middle, thank you.


  • Karl Garrett says:

    As much as you may dislike him for his actions (and yes he should take responsibility & pay for his offspring), if you put the CSA mill stone round his neck, you are as good a signing his death warrant. If it we me, then you would lose me as a son forever, and I mean that. Thankfully, the CSA will only deal with the PWC, so it’s out of your hands. Best convince the PCW to have a mutual agreement with the NRP, then everybody is happy. Believe me, as soon as the CSA is involved, then it’s game over for the both of them.

  • janet says:

    I would speak to the mother of the child advising her to speak to him if he doesn’t then at least you tried! But tell her to contact csa as they will get her what she deserves to bring her child up

  • janet says:

    Why is it game over!

  • ellliebelly says:

    karl how the hell can they come to a private arrangement,when the dad wont even acknowledge her.if he wont see her then he sure as hell wont pay anythin for her willingly.

  • Karl Garrett says:

    Fair point. It’s just if you involve the csa, then the PWC will struggle to get money, and the NRP will escape for a while then get landed with huge arears, which will screw up any further hope of financial stability.. I know this is happening to me, mind you I do pay for my kids.. If he won’t acknolwedge then I suppose (apart from a good beating) then the shear threat of the CSA should be enough. Get him to read this site.. that might do it 🙂

  • janet says:

    The csa does get money in for most of its cases just unfortunate that some tend to get away with slipping through the net then when they are finally found they don’t agree with arrears!

  • ria says:

    I’m going through a similar thing my child father does no want to no his son cause of his partner which is a shame but what I did is went to csa they asked him to do a dna but her never bothered going twice so as he has not gone for dna they will now just presume he is the father and is taking money out of his wages so she will be able to get what she is owed just a shame ur granddaughter don’t get a bond with her father that is all I wanted for my son good luck

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