Can I prove that my daughter isn’t attending college full time?

October 8, 2013

hi im looking for a bit of advice or opinions. i fairly recently was ordered to pay csa for my 15 year old daughter who i only found out about when she was 10 years old. Ever since then i have supported my daughter as much as she needs but her mother dragged me through the csa .

however i now have concerns that she is not in college full time or at all and was just wondering if anyone knew if there was any way of proving her attendance.

Also csa have caused a lot of problems with my employer on two separate occasions by deducting money from my earnings even though i have paid continuously via direct debit in turn this has caused untold hell with my bank account and caused me to end up in arrears its seems to me that noone in employed with csa knows what they are doing and there is no communication on their behalf just wondered what people would think of all this thanks.


  • Jeremy Lambert says:

    I feel your pain fella and it just gets worse and worse and worse.

    There is no way of proving she is at college or not unless you can hire a PI yourself.
    I have tried and the college don’t want to talk about anything not related to college work and unless you are the legal guardian on their books they won’t say a word to you.

    And despite what anyone thinks the CSA are the laughing stock of this country this money is not for the kids it may be the end result which my daughter tells me it takes 6 weeks from my account to hers something fishy going on there, just another smoke screen for them to make money the government that is.

    And just to add the CSA are and they say they record all telephone conversations what absolute bull cause when i ring them about a query i made 3 weeks ago there is now no record of it.

    Record for yourself all phone conversations with these people they are blatant liars.

  • mike hunt says:

    I had similar and wrote to school providing parential responsibility, divorce cert etc..
    School supplied all info. CSA wont be able to find out if your ex is fraudulently claiming child benefit etc.

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